Scottish field target shooting flatlined this weekend and unless clubs and associations move quickly with defibrilators it will not survive.

Despite the Superb efforts by the club hosting this years FT championship by putting out a great fifty target course for the FT shooters only ten competitors took part.

There was however some international class scores from some of the Uk's top shooters but it seems like an awful lot of work to put out a championship course for so few people.

Over the past three or four years Scottish FT competitions have been attended attended by only a few shooters and clubs put on HFTX competitions at the same time to get the attendance

numbers up and generally there are more HFTX shooters than FT shooters (14 at the Championships this weekend).

There is no doubt that FT shooting is a skilled and technical sport and is very well attended in England and other countries so why Is it failing in Scotland?

With the advantages in airgun accuracy there should be no reason why FT should not be as popular as HFT which is doing rather well and a day FT shooting is every bit as much fun and the courses are good. I personally

prefer FT over HFT.


But perhaps it comes down to the little things.

At the Scottish FT championships which come under the banner of STS/AIR  (formerly Sarpa) There was no trophies. I kid you not.  The hosting club stepped in and provided medals but surely for a national Championships trophies should be

organised? The FT shooters spend hard earned money and put in plenty of practice and a trophy is the least we deserve. This is the first year that no silverware was available and it shows one of two things.


1. No one including STS/AIR think it's important enough to bother with

2. The organisers are a bit "forgetful"


In 2016 one Scottish club offered to host an FT round and were told not to bother as some of the few FT shooters wouldn't want to shoot there.  When your sport is laying in intensive care and on the brink of extinction

It's probably not a good idea to refuse offers of help. This year a few other Scottish clubs are trying to help by hosting FT league rounds and Juniors are being encouraged to try FT but if no one cares or can be bothered to

supply trophies then why should anyone else bother to help?  They will though.  


FT can be resurrected but only if there is a will to do so and but it looks bleak.