The first Northern Shooting Show in 2016 proved to be extremely popular and many airgunners said they would be back. They were as good as their word and flocked to the 2017 show along with thousands of people interested in all forms of shooting sports, hunting, and pest control. This years NSS had something for everyone including working dogs, target competitions, and the best variety of trade stalls we can ever remember seeing.

We did a poll of 50 people and yes we know that's not much of a poll but we did it at the show and we had so many other things to do and the result was pretty much unanimous. We only polled people who had also visited the hugely popular British Shooting show as well as the NSS

41 people said that the NSS was by far the best and it is now the "must attend" show of the year.
4 people said the BSS was their preference because it was closer to where they lived.
5 people said the BSS show was better.

The airgun community all thought the NSS was far better than anything else and this was due in part to the hft masters and target sprints which were ran on the day at the NSS but also because of the manufacturers attendance. Airgungurus is of course a website and social media platform for airgunners but we decided to delve in a bit deeper and see what else people liked about the NSS.

The pace brothers live podcasts and premier of their new film was a huge hit and people felt they were being part of something that they could join in.  The SACS and BASC stands were extremely popular with BASC getting many new members and SACS had what was in many peoples eyes the most attractive stands at the show and the number of people they welcomed seemed to prove this.

The clay line was one of the best and many people got to try their hand with new kit and many orders seem to have been placed and this was rated very highly.

Even the cafe and food outlets seemed more popular than normal despite the "show prices"  £2.40 for a bottle of cola is a bit sore but all the shows are the same.

So there we have our take on the Northern Shooting show. Lot's of things to do for the family and the staff at the venue were absolutely fantastic and the car parking great. 

In one year the Northern shooting show has went from great to "best" and has eclipsed the British Shooting show to become the UK's best gathering for anyone interested in shooting and country sports and it has done this by a country mile. The NSS in the space of a year has become the UK's premier show and and a credit to the organisers who seem to actually know what people want and who provide even more than expected.

Connor McSherry the UK's top junior shooter getting a red face while the HFT Masters competitors sang "Happy Birthday" at the HFT Masters shows what the NSS is all about.