Thanks to our friends at Drew's labs we got a loan of one of these to have a play with. We had tried the previous version and didn't like it too much so we thought we would give this newer "pro" version a go. At just under £700 we thought it would see how it performed. The battery life on the seek pro is about six hours and even in the very cold weather we got four hours constant use and it still had a decent charge left on it which helped test it to the max.

Our perm was wide open fields with very a very tall hedgerow along the sides. We turned on the seek pro and it gave a very pretty picture but it lit up everything and made it very hard to spot any rabbits. We had a night vision kit and scanned the fields with it and there was plenty of rabbits sitting rather happily and we could not see them using the seek pro. Well that wasn't much use and we were thinking we had seven hundred quids worth of rubbish. There is an easy to use menu which gives you nine different colour pallets and we found that the black and white version did pick up the closer rabbits but nowhere near good enough at distance and this kit is supposed to be good for four hundred yards.

The picture was very clear and we could easily pick out individual tree branches and although the display is small it looked very nice and reminded us of one those 1970's  ultra violet Jimmy Hendrix posters. All very nice but so many colours made it virtually impossible to spot the quarry which wasn't quite the object of the exercise.

Like true pest contollers we went back to the car for a well needed flask of tea, well we had been out for almost twenty minutes after all. To our shame  we resorted to actually reading the instruction book. 

The default mode reads a large amount of temperatures and this is why we were getting a beautiful multi coloured picture as each temperature band showed in a different colour.  We read the instruction booklet using the seek's inbuilt 300 lumens torch which was very handy. It turned out that you can set the temperature ranges on an easy to use menu and after a bit of mucking about and pointing the thing out the car window we found a range that gave a virtually all black picture and decided to go back out for another go. By sheer luck we picked a good preset temperature range and we had one of those "Eureka" moments. The sight picture now revealed a pitch black background with about twenty bright orange glows and they were all bunnies waiting to be sneaked up on. We liked this a lot. We tested the 4x zoom and we got very good images and with a longer time to play with the settings we think we could have managed even better. One click on the right hand button takes screenshots and we had a bit of fun trying not to make light sabre noises, well we all like a gadget don't we?

The seek pro can find quarry behind thick bushes that you would not see with a night vision kit and this is very handy if your quarry is hard to find or there are not many about.


robust hand held and easy to use. It feels a bit strange having to hold it parallel to the ground rather than holding it vertically as you would with a camera phone but you soon get used to it. The colour pallets and temperature range menu's are easy to use but you will need to spend a bit of time getting them to your liking.

Gorilla glass and shock protection is very good indeed.

Battery life and inbuilt torch are both excellent. We liked this equipment a lot and were sorry when we had to return it. The only thing we didn't like was that the pictures were corrupted when we downloaded them and this needs to be improved. The landowner of our perm had lost his iphone the day before and we went and had a look for it. The seek pro found it in under twenty seconds with a bright glow from 150 yards.